04 December 2020

Pro-Active Mould Re-Design

Aluminium Die Casting Innovation: Pro-active mould re-design

Innovative mould designs can deliver a host of productivity and value benefits, streamlining
casting and expediting subsequent production processes. As the mould life had come to an end,
Aluminium Die Casting SRL carried out a total mould redesign for Bauer Gear Motor, delivering
compound benefits of increased longevity, ease of production, lean maintenance, reduced wastage and improved cost-effectiveness.

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06 August 2020

Die Castings in Blue Bin

Die Casting is Just the Beginning

Die casting processes can often deliver products that can be used “as cast”, i.e. no additional manufacturing activities are required, and the parts are immediately ready for use. Nonetheless, there are situations where supplementary treatments are necessary to optimise the casting’s performance and capabilities.

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