Quality Control

Quality Control

Great attention is given to the control and inspection of productive processes during all production phases.

We have innovative and advanced machines for precise checking such as:

  • Tridimensional Machine Mitutoyo EURO-C 7106 - a CNC for 100% dimensional measuring of all parts
  • roughness meter
  • gauges
  • micrometers
  • calipers
  • smooth and threaded go-no-go gauges
  • parallel level blocks

Our latest generation Bosello x-ray inspection machine, equipped with high-frequency plant 160kV allows us to inspect castings with dimensions up to 700mm x 1200mm and weighing up to 80Kg.The system allows to check the level of porosity of the products by a spectrum that verifies the integrity and the quality of the castings. The results are highly reliable in terms of images and registration due to a high voltage generator and to the use of innovative software. The data computer storage collected during the inspections and checks ensures traceability and allows quick reworks.

Behind the word "quality" is our FMEA Quality Planning system. We use this method for the development of all new projects. This system is used to define the main tasks and foresees the defects that may occur in order to obtain the most appropriate control plan and to reduce all inconveniences. The PFMEA is another system we use to avoid possible production failures.

We convert your drawings and 3D models with advanced design tools to casting tools designed for long life with high dimensional stability. This is the basis for the best product quality and economic production. The most modern and computer-monitored die casting machines are in use in order to ensure excellent surface quality.


In order to reach these aims we certified our Company according to the quality management system ISO 9001:2015 and work according to ISO/TS 16949 - a fundamental requirement for working in the automotive sector.

We deem that the ‘quality’ is the result of the constant improving and excellence of all the company departments.

Our efforts aim at the constant improvement of our processes in order to obtain first quality products that comply with the international standards.

We are now a part of Regal Rexnord.
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