Aluminium Die Casting SRL - Die Casting Machines & Alloys

Die Casting Machines & Alloys

Our machines pool allows us to produce die castings of different dimensions. They can weight few grams or also some kilos. The maximum possible weight is 20 kg.

In our productive branches we use work islands completely automated through anthropomorphic robots. The systems also are fitted with parameters machine system control and process parameters management in real-time.

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Each island is made up of:

  • press
  • oven for the alloy
  • linear charger
  • lubricator with dedicated mold cooling heads
  • robots
  • photocells that perceive the presence and the extraction of the part
  • cooling tank
  • temperature control mold
  • trimming tool
  • piece evacuation slides

Optional in the process:

  • vacuum to be carried out on the mould
  • thermoregulation
  • injection box dedicated container to the mold.

We have 10 compete islands available with Buhler and Italpresse presses, which tonnage goes from 300 to 1350. The presses are equipped with two melting furnaces with a load capacity up to 2500 Kg / h. For management of the different alloys we use two gas melting furnaces. The most used alloys are the following: EN AC 46500, EN AC 46100, EN AC 46000, EN AC 43400, EN AC 43500  and EN AC 44400. Special alloys can be used upon request.

We are now a part of Regal Rexnord.
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